Project sponsorship “Marera Dispensary” Marera, Karatu

Local health care in this very poor area is not guaranteed. The nearest hospital is in Rhotia. People have to walk this distance of up to 10 km, if at all possible. And only if the necessary money for treatment is available. The next bigger hospital is in Karatu, about 16 km from here and is “unreachable” for these people – geographically and financially.

Therefore, we were very happy that the community of Marera was able to raise the funds to build the Marera Dispensary. About the term: Dispensary actually means a hospital pharmacy – but here it means much more.

It is actually comparable to a small hospital. There is a practicing doctor with a treatment room, “delivery room”, a waiting room, small laboratory and a drug dispensary. To make things more attractive for a doctor in a remote area, he gets a residential building right next to the dispensary.

The construction started 5 years ago. The pure construction costs were budgeted at approx.
EUR 20.000,- budgeted. Now the municipal funds have run out. Since they know about our commitment in this area, they approached us to find sponsors at least for the completion of the construction and, if possible, for the equipment.

We were invited to an on-site meeting, which was attended by all the community leaders except us. The entire construction cost planning was handed over to us during the site visit. We have assured our support within the scope of our possibilities and hope to find project sponsors for the constructional completion and the interior equipment and medical devices.

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