“Hello, I am Marko Elikana, born on 25.7.2017!”

Father: Elikana Marko 8.2.88 day laborer/farmer
Mother: Paskalina Arusha 12.3.96 housewife/farmer.

I live in Marera, Karatu/Tanzania together with my parents, my sister Debora, my little brother Max and my cousin Magi.

My dad and my mom don’t have a steady job anymore. They farm our small land so that we at least have some corn and beans to eat.

My sister attends the public school in Marera. It was always my wish to go to the preschool of the same school. Unfortunately, this was not financially possible for my parents. Thanks to very kind godparents I am now allowed to attend the preschool. Yippy!!!

Mama Doris and Baba Charly got to know me and my family and would like to find a sponsor for me.