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    *I hereby declare my accession as a member of the association Pamoja Rhotia Tanzania e.V. as of I am aware that the board of the association will decide on the application.


    *I choose the following membership fee (please mark with a cross):

    *) Proof required; I enclose proof of this with the application.
    In the case of a voluntarily higher amount, the minimum membership fee may not be undercut, but may be exceeded. A membership fee above the minimum amount can be changed with a notice period of 3 months to the end of the year. This has to be communicated to the board in writing. The new fee will then apply from the following year. The collection of the contribution takes place in each case to 5 January and 5 July. Upon joining the association, the half-yearly fee will be collected in the month of joining by SEPA direct debit, unless otherwise agreed. All other contributions are to be paid on the aforementioned dates. In case of leaving the association, no refund of already paid fees will be made.
    Membership begins on the first day of the month following the Board's positive decision on the application for membership. The association must be informed of any changes in personal details as soon as possible.

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